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Zelda Halopile in the woods

Update – CTRMYI? /Videos and Kobalt/my failed date/Absurd Agonies

Zelda Halopile in the woodsChrist on a fucking bike, how fucking warm is it?!  I am used to heat but this is taking the piss.  Roll on winter.

sit de rencontre ado Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? Is jerking along at a satisfactory speed.  Currently I am just coming to the end of a tale involving une rencontre streaming vf Patrick Jean-Luc Piccard Stewart and his life.  conocer chica lima From his humble beginnings of being raised by a cow, to how tea helped him secure a role as the captain of The Enterprise.

Recently I completed a section about http://www.topcanon.fr/figase/opie/9756 Rick Moranis and the time he spent kennenlernen 24 test hunting bigfoot, after the creature killed two men in the woods… hop over to this site it had pulled their leg skin off like flesh-trousers.

Yeah, so that’s going good, still on schedule, the plan being that the very first ‘rough as fuck’ cut of the book will be done by the end of August.

Zelda Halopile - black magic?  Different magic.My friend Mr Klown, Kobalt the Klown, has helped me out with a few teaser advertisement videos.  He is a nice Klown and can just appear in your house whenever he wants.  That’s the perk of being Kobalt the Klown.  Check out his videos and keep your eyes peeled (PEEL THOSE FUCKING EYES!) for a few advertisements that I will be putting up soon, featuring the material Kobalt made for me.  Thanks Kobalt.  Thobalt.

The Proof Reader, the one that they call Jake, he is busy looking at the work of a few friends of mine.  I would say it is a side project but that wouldn’t be totally true.  Let’s just say that if you want to find out a little more about my origins then go and take a look at Karl and Toms work and their upcoming book Absurdica

Other stuff… well, I am taking my sweet time bitches.  I am in no rush to commit to anything right now.  I have a few ideas and I want to print out some labels and stickers etc and stick them all around the city, but there is no rush for that, is there?

I am still single.  Went on a date quite recently with a man and it was nothing short of a disaster.  He collected me from a pre-arranged place (back of a church) and we went to a chip shop to a meal.  Me – a battered burger, chips, curry sauce and a 2 litre of cola  Him – half a chicken, chips, gravy, peas (fuck you peas) and an Um Bongo.  We got our selected venue for the evening, a bus stop, and he fell off the bench and got gravy on my tits.  I, obviously, became enraged, even more than usual thanks to a heavy period, and punched his jaw.  He had to go to hospital to get stitches. Any single men out there that feel they are able to handle the baggage that naturally comes with a mask wearing, trans-dimensional, time-travelling, non-existent, witch/author then please contact me.

Zelda Halopile maskedAbsurd Agonies, my first book, is going in for a re-edit before being made available on Amazon.  That’s when I feel like it.

All that is left for me to say is:

Be Absurd, be yourself, do not conform, do not be non-conformist just to conform to a bunch of ‘alternative conformists’.  You are not a sheep.  You are a person.  Nobody knows what goes on in your head.  Your perceptions and reality are different to every single person in the universe.  Enjoy being Absurd, being different.  Do not give a shit what other’s think.  You are not theirs to judge and remember that they are not yours to judge.


He’s Kobalt the Klown!

You know what I really like about the internet?  The way that you can travel around and mingle with thousands of fucking idiots, listening to their drivel about the weather and what they are eating for dinner and how drunk they are THEN out of all of this shit you discover someone with something interesting to add to this mundane and one-dimensional world.  Among the very small handful of interesting people I have made virtual friends with, Kobalt the Klown is one of the most fascinating.

What a swell and delightful fella, shrouded in mystery, splashed with occult symbolism and he is a clown (Klown – they are more powerful when it comes to clown stuff)! What more could you ask for?

Kobalt blesses the internet with regular videos that need to be seen. HAVE to be seen. Go watch his fucking videos!

Click rating of dating apps here to see his videos!

Or use your cock-sucking mouse and click click here for info here to visit his website. These are not suggestions, they are demands!

And to finish off, here is his latest video… probably others uploaded by Kobalt by the time that you have read this but I suggest you watch this one anyway!