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Facebook rant part 3 – Picture Memes, and what really goes on with the ‘like if you hate cancer, remember the 80s’ etc

rocco and carly my kitchen rules dating Stop spreading this shit!!! Nobody cares!!!

single iserlohn Every fucking day it is the same thing. “Remember the 80s? Huh? Do you?!” and perhaps a picture with a funny speech bubble coming from it.

rencontre belles femmes polonaises Meme is a name coined by the grey haired God-hater, Richard Dawkins. it means ‘something imitated – to imitate – mime’ and is a spread of cultural experiences whether that be music, a period of time or catch phrases. They make me sick. I understand and enjoy it when someone within my social circle has taken the time to construct their own memes, but this forwarding and liking of memes such as those depressing ones about “women’s love is strong because a woman is strong and they do love and love blah blah love, sad, strong, stay strong, blah blah” is a bunch of shit! If you are sad, fucking tell someone you are sad! Remember the 80s? Well done, now crack on with life NOW the 80s are over, I couldn’t give a fuck what you remember. I remember Harold Shipman but you don’t see me stick my memories of that all over Facebook… yet.

best dating site sport LOL Remember the 00s!

http://netix.pl/includes/frazaty/1988 Kind of connected to the above is the ‘click this if you think it is beautiful’ and then show the most deformed/burnt/battered/ fucked up picture of a human possible. It tugs at people’s emotions and I strongly believe that only the guilty click on them. Me, I hate ugly people. There is nothing beautiful about deformed people, nothing nice about burns or bruises etc. I just care if you are a nice person or not. The people that create these images do not give a shit about the person or people they are posting about.

Click if you hate cancer. Well, that is a surprise…. hundreds and thousands of clicks, millions even from people that hate cancer. If the same amount of people donated a pound/dollar or Euro that would be much more beneficial than your pointless ‘like’

  http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/7190 Did you know that most of your ‘likes’ for these posts/sites are part of a much dirtier operation? One these cancer hating pages have enough likes, the page is sold on to mobile phone companies, or some sort of gambling site, porn site, whatever. They then change the page name, the details and they then have a page of their own with hundreds of thousands of likers. Well done for clicking on it you nuttsack!

 Of course you hate cancer, AIDs and children starving in poor countries! If you did like that sort of thing then you are a fucking sociopathic cunt!


Facebook rant part 2 – Charges, and updates only reaching 17% of ‘friends’

“I can only hear 17% of you! If you change your settings I will be able to hear you perfectly. Perhaps if you give me ALL of the money on this planet I will be able to hear you a little better then also. I am unable to grow a single pube.”

These days, Facebook is covered in bullshit advertisements, crap all over the fucking wall trying to entice us to spend our hard earned (stolen) cash on addictive gambling games or picture memes (more on those things later). Most of these get pride of place on our wall thanks to them having enough money to pay to be there.

Facebook now charges people to ensure that their post will appear on their own ‘friend’s’ wall! A friend of mine recently wanted to share a link I created and was smashed aggressively in the face with a message suggesting they pay about 5 quid so that their share appears on everyone’s wall!

I have a group with over 80 likers, this is nice, I like this and the people who like my page are the best people on the planet and WILL NOT be brutally slain when I return from a disappearance that takes place in 2020. Even people who have taken the time to ‘like’ my page do not get to see my updates. It was recently estimated that 17% of the people who like the page will get to see my updates UNLESS, when you are in my page, you click on the gear symbol next to the “Like” button, and select “ADD TO THE INTEREST LISTS”.  By doing so, you will keep on reading posts in your feed. .

Fuck you Facebook!

Facebook rant part 1 – Pointless posts, ambiguous posts, and work complaints

Please!!! Notice me!! No, don’t notice me, for I am shy!!! Now, NOTICE ME AGAIN!!! I don’t need glasses by the way. Now don’t look at me.

We all do it, but some just do it way more than others. The lonely little bachelor, the cat loving eccentric, and the ‘look-at-me’ teenager.
“Just had some gravy” and “The moon is quite high today” or “Making tea” etc etc. And what amazes me is the amount of ‘likes’ and comments that are generated from then pointless fucking drivel. I post something about my endeavours as a writer and although I get some likes from some much valued followers, there are a much higher proportion of likes going on comments regarding someone getting drunk again. That drunk probably going on to beat their partner to a bloody pulp, off their tits on ‘likes’ and comments such as “Nice one” and “Me too!” 


“Man, I am drinking so much beer! I don’t even get hangovers! All I get the next day is a headache, feel sick, very tired, dehydrated, and feel shit. But nope, I am hard and do NOT get hangovers!”

I am not saying don’t do it, but we don’t need a fucking monologue of your god damn life. Also… twitter… twitter is for that shit (and not cutting and pasting philosophers cheeky thought-provoking shit like “if a bear is blown to pieces by its own inability to release gas build up from digestion will it actually have existed”) Just slow down tiger, one pointless comment per day.

Another pointless sort of fucking update is the recherche femme pour service ambiguous one. The “someone made me angry once” and “A male or female I know is going to either get a smack or a hug from me or someone else one day or night”

http://dayo.com.au/?preterere=rencontre-amis-strasbourg&883=a3 Complaints about work are different. They

“I saw brown shoes” #thatisall

HAVE to be kind of ambiguous because of you adding fucking millions of people as friends, including managers and members of the HR department etc. You idiot! I suppose you also do have the issue where you are NOT being Facebook friends with managers and HR departments but are ratted out by some snivel-nosed little sad twat that decides to report you to make themselves feel good. They thrive off your sadness. You can thank Facebook for your now futile attempts at trying to get a new job. In this situation, my advice, just be friends with actual friends! People that care about you! Then make your profile as god damn private as you can! Or, failing that, do what I have done and set up a private group where you can complain on a regular basis AND include the name of the bastard that is fucking you off!