Praise for Zelda’s Absurd Agonies

cytotec costa rica defer Zelda's Absurd Agonies - special editionDon’t just take Zelda’s word for it, look what her readers had to say about Zelda’s Absurd Agonies

alprostadil price correct By Megan Campbell gather If you thought 50 Shades of Grey was hot, saucy and totally un-put-downable, then…well stop reading my review for a start, you disgust me. Try reading something original and not inspired by whingey teenage lust-venting. Absurd Agonies is at worst depraved and at best guiltily funny (like laughing at an old person falling over). What’s not to like? reduce By Holly

аct Whatever your problem, however obscure, Zelda offers sometimes sound, sometimes radical, advice. Not afraid to offer glimmers of her personal life this book is a must have. Highly enjoyable, massively hilarious and, occasionally, a little disturbing (in a good way). Awesome.

rencontre gaillac 81 Hilary Beatty I was having very dark thoughts… suicidal thoughts if you will… I felt so suffocated with my problems, no one could understand things I have went through… That’s what I thought!! And then I found Zelda’s Absurd Agonies, hilarious, unique and not quite like any book you will ever read! Not only that, it is full of life saving advice that will get you through many of lives tricky rancid situations! This book saved me… Allow it to let you see the light too!

binäre optionen erfahrungsbericht Special and Standard edition of Absurd AgoniesSharon Donaghy I liked this book, Enough said :)

my daughter is dating my friend Tom Mainwaring Morris

italiener flirten besser I’ve been an avid fan of Zelda since the mid 1960′s and actually meet her a few times to seek advice for solving some personal issues I had with a flock of seagulls sabotaging my ice cream van rounds. I’d recommend this uniquely hilarious and insightfully dramatic set of problem solving agonies to anyone with a sense of humour, good or bad posture and valid life insurance…

rencontre dans le jura suisse By Denise I have never read a book quite like this one. Once i started to read and got into this book i could not put it down! It made me laugh so much i nearly cried! well done Zelda when i have a problem i will be in touch

wikipedia reference Jason Begs

rencontre et racine 2015 billetterie Having read many of Zelda’s columns in the past, i must admit to be looking forward to this book immensely. i wasn’t disappointed! If only i could read it in work, id be able to solve all of the worlds problems at once.

Matt Crown

You know, I’m not much of a reader but when it comes to the words squashed between these pages, I can’t help but soak it all in. The enigmatic Zelda Halopile has managed to capture a unique place of interest in an otherwise bleak set of circumstances. Her use of language will make your guts foamy. Praises be to Zelda for creating such a masterpiece of modern literature. After reading this book, I too have begun to question my own Absurd Agonies.

By Tara

This is definitely up there in my top 10 books! its the type of book that makes you want to read on and on and on! Its Crazzzzzzy and completely weird but this is what makes it so brilliant. I recommend it to everyone in the world! if your looking, BUY it you will not be disappointed

Zelda Halopile Absurd AgoniesRandy Culture

Fantastic book, need I say any more. The moment the book arrived, I settled down to have a read only to find myself in stiches seconds later. The agonies are pretty out there and the answers even more so. You will find yourself reading so hard that putting the book down will be nigh on impossible. There is some great artwork and I have discovered a website for Absurd Agonies too which is great for those who have completed the book. The fun goes on and on. I cant wait for the next release!!

By Rhiannon David

Definitely lives up to its name – you never know what is coming next, but you always want to find out! There is some useful advice too – I now know how to scare off Medusa and keep dinosaurs out of my garden!

By mike

Absurd isn’t the word for this book… it is an absolute gem! I used to think agony aunts were a bit silly but Zelda has shown me the light with her wisdom. This is a must buy for anyone who loves comedy, horror and the occult. Great book!

By Seaneen Donaghy

Definitely absurd, but the only agony will be in your cheeks from laughing so much! Great book! Def recommend it.

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