Her Other Videos

From time to time, Zelda likes to just mess around and put some videos together just for experimentation purposes or because it is raining outside and she can’t leave the house.

Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? – Thankseses

A whole load of very nice people sent Zelda some tea realated images of themselves.  She couldn’t use them all, and the ones that she did use were black and white.  So, she made this video to say thanks and to show off the pictures that were sent to her.

Who is Zelda Halopile?

Zelda decided to make a video to introduce herself properly to the world and share a little about herself and what she does.

Absurd Fiction

Zelda re-edited a scene from hit Broadway musical, Pulp Fiction

 Zelda Halopile interviews Jesus Christ

Here is an example of when a video should be edited down due to slow pacing.  Zelda Halopile interviews the Christ.

Get ripped really quickly

The internet is covered with claims of how you can get ripped, toned, or lost weight really quickly.  Zelda, still at a very amateurish stage when it came to video editing, put this little video together.  It features the band Turisas and He-Man.

Zelda’s Very First Video

At this point in Zelda’s career, she had NEVER made a video before AND had never been seen online.  This video was the first time the world had laid eyes on the enigma, Zelda Halopile, since she went on the run from the authorities.

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