Her Advertisments

For each of her releases, Zelda has put together an advertisement to showcase what the release is about.

Can Tea Really Make You Invisible?

Find out yourself when you buy her book.  Full of celebrity stories, swearing, a picture of a penis, Hitler and the evil of TEA  #TEaVIL

Zelda’s Absurd Curiosities – Animals

The following advertisement will give you a better idea about her wonderfully vibrant and child friendly book, Zelda’s Absurd Curiosities – Animals

Zelda’s Darkly Absurd Curiosities - Animals

This advertisement will give you a sense of what you will get when you read a copy of her experimental book of dark and twisted poems, Zelda’s Darkly Absurd Curiosities – Animals

Absurd Curiosities teaser

Zelda put together a quick advertisement to let the world know that the release of the two Absurd Curiosities books was up on it!

Zelda’s Absurd Agonies

One of Zelda’s first videos.  Although writers can stick a blurb on their book, or on websites, this video gives me, you and all the other human beings an idea of the absurdness that Zelda has crushed into the pages of her first book release, Zelda’s Absurd Agonies.

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