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rencontres cerisy CameraZOOM-2014071212fg2253380-picsayZelda writes for the love of writing.  She wants to make you laugh, cry and take your soul  be your friend?  Yes, be your friend.  This masked psycho is old-school and prefers the crackle of a real book, especially as there is that chance that the pages of the book may gash your hand open, sending blood to the floor, thus resurrecting a Satan or a skeletons-monsters type creature.  Still, she accepts that the world is moving online and that the tangible is becoming less appealing to the younger generation (who she is said to hate with such vile that she vomits into her mouth at the sight of them). PicsArt_1388498306931_SandShe has self published the books and kept the costs as low as possible (self publishers take the largest part of the profit made to cover hosting and printing costs) with any profit being made either going to charity or to cover costs of tools to help her with her media productions. If you want to find out more about what each of these books are about then click here

speed dating events in austin texas picsay-1399052166-picsayAnd if you are interested in buying any of the printed editions then head chart tricor insurance here dapoxetine price in india undertake

Discover More Here But let’s cut the bullshit out here.  You want your FREE books don’t you?  HOWEVER, if you are feeling generous, perhaps you are a fellow artist or think that Zelda deserves a little something for her hard work then click the donate button and you pay whatever you think the book is worth.

reno dating And one last thing, if you do download one of these books then let Zelda know!  She wants to know how much of the planet she is taking over!  If you haven’t already, join the Absurd Army (like the Fakebook page that she has set up) HERE

rencontrez 30-50 Book 1 – Zelda’s Absurd Agonies DOWNLOAD HERE
Book 2 – Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? DOWNLOAD HERE
Book 3 – Coming 2016
Book 4 – Coming 2018
Book 5 – Coming 2020

30 millions rencontres Other books by Zelda

deming nm dating Zelda’s Absurd Curiosities (book of rhymes for children) DOWNLOAD HERE
Zelda’s Darkly Absurd Curiosities (book of dark poems for adults) DOWNLOAD HERE
Zelda’s Absurd Images (A book of all of Zelda’s Artwork between 2011 and September 2013) DOWNLOAD HERE  


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