Rod - having his breakfast and planning his next.

Rod Wescombe the review

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Rod - having his breakfast and planning his next. Rod – having his breakfast and planning his next. Imagine waking up with a moustache.  Not just any sort of moustache.  No way.  No, I am talking of a moustache that has seen stuff, been there, got the fucking T-shirt and Ltd edition box set.  A moustache that holds stories that would chill you to the bone or perhaps make you want to rip out your own eyes and chuck them up a goat.
Rod Wescombe owns such a moustache.  And what’s more, he tamed the beast and taught it respect, and through a symbiotic relationship, the two have been there for each other through everything that life has thrown at them.  But that ain’t why I am writing about this sexy-son-of-a-beach.  I am here to review this bloke’s music.

Rod was stuck in this pose for a month!

chat rooms dating advice Rod was stuck in this pose for a month!

servicio de citas blitzcrank I met Rod via Fakebook and found the guy intriguing.  Singing cover songs, and always wearing a grin on his chiselled man-face, he managed to lift my spirits.  Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the world and everything about it, but Rod stuck out as being a diamond in the shit.  “This guy is not taking life seriously,” I thought, and I respected him for this.  Nobody should take their life too seriously because, unless you are like me, you will become food for worms, or a pile of ashes thrown into a river, child’s face or mixed with horse meat and fed to a cat.  When this time comes for Rod, he will still have that grin.
Again, I ain’t here to talk about Rod’s unavoidable and eventual death, whenever that may be.  Let’s talk about the musical portions that this hunky-bugger likes to eject.

whatsapp para conocer mujeres Rod has a YouTube channel where he has been uploading all manner of songs that he has “ReVoCaLeD” but you will not find any buy viagra pills inform dance, trance, happy hardcore, electro or viagra capsule price localize Finnish-satanic-black-industrial-goth-vampiric-grind-necro-death-metal there.  No, siree-Bob.  What your ears shall be blessed with is a mix of classic, old school REAL music.  And by real music I mean plenty of rock-n-roll, man!  The sort of thing that you put on when sipping on a cold bottle of beer, watching the sunset (or rise) and just live for the moment.  And that is what you really drink in from Rod.  His frisky soul.  It’s there in the voice of his.  A voice that has seen it all and been to hell and back and will continue to do battle with all that is glum, gloomy and sad.  Rod wants fun and he wants you to immerse in it too.  He wants you to go to his world.  A world which sees the shit that goes on but wants to remind you that it tenovate cream price еxperiment aint all that bad and that on a planet of war and hate and grief, music can heal multiple ills, bring a smile to your gormless mug and just make you thankful that your chest contains a heart that beats.

Rod hunts and kills his own food with a soup spoon.

read what he said Rod hunts and kills his own food with a soup spoon.

So, if you like your rock, you like the sound of a voice that’s smokier than some smoky bacon in the arse of a dead smoker being cremated then rolled into a cigar and inhaled as deep and as hard as possible, then Rod’s your man.

Some of his highlights are click here to find out more Rocky Mountain Way, Cigarettes and Alcohol, pop over to this site Get It On, Dead Flowers, and find more Sometimes We Cry

I give Rod a firm but meaty Seven whiskeys out of a potential five… And he is a smashing fella.

Now go check out his fucking YouTube Channel offset here

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