About this site

PicsArt_1408342571684-picsayHello wary traveler and welcome to the world of Zelda Halopile.  This site is as close as most people (if they are lucky) will ever get to Zelda’s universe.

What you will find on this site…

A brikabrak of Zelda’s work.  Twisted, humorous observations of the world around her (in her views), reviews that make you wonder whether she actually watched the film, listened to the music or payed attention to whatever it was that she was reviewing.   Videos and short films that have been edited together by this unusual, masked artist.  Obscure images that have been created by her.  News about what she has planned next and what she is working on.

On this site you can also find links to ALL of Zelda’s books for FREE

Now go and explore, but beware, tread carefully, if you go too far into the rabbit hole, Zelda may come back with you…. And then watch you wee or eat ALL of your cereal…. Or worse…. Lick your lips when you sleep.

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