First update of 2014 – Want to know what is coming up!?

It’s been a while to say the least, hasn’t it my absurd friend, follower and worshipper. Over the many months I have been off and about working and helping on a few other projects and things that have required the chunkiest of my attentions.  It’s all been worth it and some amazing stuff has come out of it, one of which being a book that may or may not be set in the place that I am from, visit and will go to… more about that can be found here What’s going on – Website? A few little things coming up on the website over 2014. The return of my reviews.  I have two to start with but I ain’t be committing to no fucking timeframe of when those first reviews begin.  I reckon about March time though.  Something like that. I have plenty of things to review, including the rest of the Harry Potter reviews that I started back in 2012, but will probably ask for review suggestions from you lot now and again. ‘Who do you want to see dead?’ is a new section that I am thinking about.  I will give you a list of celebrities and you pick which you want to see dead.  I will then portray their demise in a skilful image manipulation.  If anyone mentions ANYTHING about the image actually being genuine and is the result of me travelling through a multiverse and actually killing the person and taking a picture of the Continue Reading →

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JFK – 1960s

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Mondo, Review, Tea, Where?

Ah, there you are you pathetic but beautiful people or person.  Times are’a changin’ oh yes they are.  My energy and time has been spread so thin that the grand scheme of things has slipped from my grasp and, as time goes on, the impending promise of an end in 2020 is actually, potentially, sickeningly, perhaps a stretch at best. The truth of the matter is that I am tired.  I am up to my elbows in a bakery of pies and each is so rich and textured that I am unsure which one to eat.  The problem I have, and stick with me my confused reader, is that I have many ideas, many plans and an end.  There will be an end to my story.  A hint of which is in my next book ‘Can Tea Really Make You Invisible?’  I will not stop.  No.  I will move on.  I came from a place out of reach (without aid and a book) and I will return to it.  If you can be bothered, explore and you will find out where I am from.  If you can’t then it matters little to me or the people. The Ltd book – Absurd Images - Vol 1 That went within a day.  It was very good for my ego and the owners of the book will also be blessed with a piece of artwork that only four or five others on the whole planet will be in possession of.  You had your chance. Continue Reading →

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Tea, fuck you, update, ltd edition books, whats ‘appnin and other important stuff!

How long has it been?  Fucking ages!  Too damn long! First of all thanks for sticking with you dear Aunt Zelda.  That’s me.  Although I am yet to have amassed the thousands of people I once envisaged I am happy enough to remain underground and undiscovered.  In fact, I am going to sink back further and further until you begin to wonder whether I even existed in the first fucking place. Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? – release confirmed for 2014 I have been working like a burnt out stinking whore on Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? and the end of the first draft is within sight.  I have written a book that I would like to read.  A book that would NEVER be allowed to get a general release.   A book too graphic, scathing and fucking insane to be stuck on the shelves of WH Smith or Boots.  A tome of words so ballsy (or vagina-y) that even a man with a ballsack filled with bearded wrestlers wouldn’t have the confidence to release a book like CTRMYI? Fucking pussys! Tea features harsh, surreal and possibly offense stories about a selection of celebrities including: Ironman Captain Birdseye Britney Spears Maggie Thatcher Hitler Bin Laden Christopher Reeves The Hairy Bikers Donald Trump Alan Rickman And fucking LOADs of others.  Each tale is fucking insane and features tea in some shape or form – and the results of this devilish juice.  I have written a few historical stories of tea, some Continue Reading →

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